Would you like to try a free hypnosis session? You can do so at our two popular workshops in Copenhagen and Risskov near Aarhus. If you are interested in attending our workshop in Copenhagen, send an email to and we will contact you when we have a workshop available.

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Both students and fully trained hypnotists/hypnotherapists are present at the workshop. Our talented students are expertly guided along the way by trained hypnotists/hypnotherapists. The only thing you need to prepare for is the problem/challenge you want to change.


Dates for our workshops in Copenhagen will be posted on our front page under News. Here you are welcome to try hypnosis for free – it takes place at the clinic in Copenhagen Ø.

In Risskov near Aarhus every Wednesday at 18-20, there is a workshop and you are welcome to try hypnosis for free. It takes place in Væxthuset, Risskov.

Send an inquiry via our contact form or via the email below and we will contact you with time and place –

You can also try hypnosis for free at our lectures, see under news.

Hyponosis is an amazing state of concentration and relaxation. At Shinhypnosis you can try hypnosis in 2 seconds.

Write an email to we look forward to seeing you.

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