Tinnitus (Ear ringing or howling) and Hypnosis

Tinnitus is a physical ear injury. The tinnitus sufferer feels bothered by a ringing or noise, even though there is no sound coming into the ear from outside. The sound heard can be very different from person to person. It is quite a common condition. Approximately 16% of adults have tinnitus.

Of the group that has constant or almost constant tinnitus, around 6% have very severe tinnitus.

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The majority of people with tinnitus have little or no discomfort. So you can have tinnitus without being bothered by the sound. Of course, you can prevent tinnitus by wearing earplugs or avoiding loud sound pressure. The Danish Working Environment Authority and the Danish Musicians’ Association (DMF) recommend avoiding sound pressure levels above 85 db for longer periods of the day.

What happens is that the sound waves can become so loud that they will break the tiny cilia that sit at the back of the ear. The result is noise or ringing in the ear. You can easily have up to several ringing tones.


No, hypnosis cannot help you get rid of the tones directly, as it is a physical condition. *However, hypnosis can help you live with tinnitus by turning your attention to something else. Many people fall asleep faster if they have music to listen to. By listening to music, you use another part of your brain that calms you and tells your subconscious to relax. If you suffer from tinnitus, you can even get to the point where you don’t register the noise.

*The same center of the brain is affected during hypnosis, so you will perceive the noise differently. You may be more susceptible to tinnitus under pressure or stress. Many musicians are familiar with the problem and in the worst case scenario, they have to give up their careers.

In my time as a hypnotist, I have helped many people with tinnitus problems. As I said, you can’t remove the tone, but you can help the client to live with it.

*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee improvement of tinnitus and that results may vary from person to person.

Does hypnosis work for tinnitus?

Some research suggests that hypnosis can act as a mitigating tool for tinnitus. Hypnosis cannot cure tinnitus as it is a physical disorder, but hypnosis can be used to live with tinnitus by shifting attention to other things.

How do you use hypnosis to overcome tinnitus problems?

To be successful in shifting attention away from the tinnitus, you usually go through a few sessions, depending on the patient’s ability to shift focus. This builds a better understanding of how to shift your attention so you can live with the ringing in your ears.

How long does hypnosis work?

The duration of hypnosis varies from person to person. If the client is good at working with their focus, one session can provide a lot of good tools. However, there is no guarantee that hypnosis will result in an improvement in tinnitus.

Who can use Hypnosis for tinnitus?

Anyone can use the tools you learn during a hypnosis session to manage your tinnitus. Hypnosis focuses on how to shift your attention away from the buzzing or howling you’re experiencing towards other things, such as your breathing. In this way, you can manage your tinnitus.

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