Direct Navigation Training

The Direct Navigation training is for both those who have never worked with hypnosis before and those who already have knowledge of – or are trained hypnotists/hypnotherapists.

With Direct Navigation (DN) you will learn, among other things, how hypnosis can be ‘lifted’ so you can find the most effective method to help your future clients much faster.

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DN was developed by Mads Aggerholm during his many years as an experienced and successful hypnotist, both in his own clinic in Østerbro and show hypnosis throughout the country. He often appears in the media DR, TV2, TV3, on div. Radio stations, teaches and lectures – both nationally and internationally.

The DN program is built up over 8 modules. Each module consists of two days (Saturday/Sunday) once a month for 4 months and ends with a certificate.
Teaching takes place from 10 am to 6 pm, a total of 64 hours – plus 20-50 hours of supervision and self-study in the form of ‘guinea pigs’ throughout the training program. Training material will be handed out for use during and after the completed training.

You will learn about all the theories, methods and techniques used in traditional hypnosis/hypnotherapy and DN. The training includes theory and lots of practice with guidance and feedback.

The teachers are Mads Aggerholm and Tina Kristensen.

The program in 8 modules

Weekend 1:
Module 1 – Philosophy of Man and Hypnosis (8 hours)

  • Introduction to the DN philosophy of man and hypnosis
  • Understanding the human conscious and subconscious mind
  • How hypnosis can be used to support personal development and change
  • Ethics and responsibilities as a DN hypnotist

Module 2 – Basic principles and theory (8 hours)

  • States of consciousness and trance according to DN philosophy
  • Different hypnosis methods and approaches, aligned with DNʼs values and beliefs
  • Basic techniques such as relaxation and guidance that are in
    consistent with DNʼs philosophy

Weekend 2:
Module 3 – History of Hypnosis (8 hours)

  • Review the history of hypnosis from antiquity to the present day
  • Key people and events that have contributed to the development of hypnosis
  • How hypnosis has evolved as a practice and science

Module 4 – Hypnotic phenomena (8 hours)

  • Examining various hypnotic phenomena such as deep trance, hallucinations, post-hypnotic suggestion and more
  • Understanding how to induce and use these phenomena in
    hypnosis treatments
  • Training to guide clients through these phenomena and ensure a positive and safe experience

Weekend 3
Module 5 – Integration of philosophy, techniques and hypnotic phenomena (8 hours)

  • Applying DNʼs specific philosophy, techniques and hypnotic phenomena in hypnosis treatments
  • Integration of receptivity testing and emotion breaking into DN practice
  • Case studies and discussion of different scenarios illustrating the use of DN specific techniques, philosophy and hypnotic phenomena

Module 6 – Practical training and supervision (8 hours):

  • Practical training in applying DN techniques, philosophy and hypnotic phenomena in hypnosis treatments
  • Supervision and feedback from experienced hypnotists with the same philosophy
  • Reflection on and adjustment of your practice to achieve greater efficiency and client satisfaction

Weekend 4:
Module 7 – Safety and termination of hypnosis (8 hours)

  • Learning about safety and accountability in hypnosis practice
  • Introduction to techniques and methods for bringing clients out of hypnosis
  • Training in guiding clients

Module 8 – Completing the training (8 hours)

  • Final wrap-up
  • Questions and answers
  • Certification

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact
Mads Aggerholm
Phone: 31 65 84 33

Tina Kristensen
Phone: 60 66 84 62

How do you learn direct navigation?

Direct navigation is a unique branch of hypnosis developed by Mads Aggerholm. The program is divided into four parts, each of which forms the foundation for some unique skills. After this, it is possible to take a number of specialized modules for trained hypnotists

How is the program structured?

The direct navigation training itself is divided into four modules, each spread over two days. Each module lays the foundation for a set of competencies, for which you receive a certificate upon completion. Along the way, you get to practice everything you learn.

How long does it take to learn direct navigation?

Overall, the modules are spread over a total of 8 days. Along the way, you will go through a number of practical exercises, which are fundamental to being able to use the training. Therefore, subsequent practical experience is important for further improvement.

Who can learn direct navigation?

As a starting point, anyone can start learning direct navigation. Mads Aggerholm will be responsible for teaching and supervision during exercises. However, to be able to build on the extended special modules, you must be a trained hypnotist.

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