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Bettina Østrand
Ole Suhrs gade 15. Clinic
1354 Kbh. K

Opening hours:
Hours Copenhagen K
Monday – Saturday: by appointment

Background: I am a trained hypnotist at Shin hypnosis by Mads Aggerholm. Furthermore, I am a trained experience-oriented psychotherapist MPF and social educator. In addition, I have a lot of continuing education, including as a couples therapist, Nada instructor. Family therapist. Yoga and mindfulness instructor. Grief, loss and trauma. NLP practitioner.

Hypnosis is a fast and effective way to change old patterns. I do this by working with your subconscious mind. The hypnosis state is completely natural and can feel like you are completely lost in your daydreams but you are always fully present.

I work with challenges such as anxiety/performance anxiety, social phobia, sexual challenges, sleep problems, or other inappropriate issues. Often 1 to 4 treatments will be enough. I am 100% present for you and I guide and support you in your process. You will be very welcome with me.


Sessions duration up to 60 min.

1 session up to 60 min 1.000,-
For 3 sessions total discount 500,-
Intensive pure hypnosis 30 min 650,-
Discount for: Students, children, pensioners, unemployed. 800,-

NADA ear acupuncture is included (free of charge)

You are welcome to call us for an informal chat or to book an appointment.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a form of treatment that can be used for physical and psychological issues. It is used for change processes, using the subconscious mind to change thought patterns that may be inappropriate for a person’s well-being.

How does hypnosis work?

By “short-cutting” the subconscious mind, the hypnotist gains access to a vast amount of unconscious resources through which the hypnotist can change the perception of conscious or unconscious experiences. During treatment, the hypnotist thus influences the client, but it is essentially the client himself who heals or prevents himself.

What can be treated with hypnosis?

Many issues can be treated through hypnosis, including anxiety, phobias, jealousy, stress, depression and more. It can also be used in connection with physical pain, where hypnosis can act as a pain reliever.

Who can be treated with hypnosis?

Basically, anyone who wants to can make use of hypnosis treatment. However, it requires that you are willing to engage in the treatment, that you are comfortable with your therapist and trust this person.

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