Sexual problems and impotence

My work as a therapist and hypnotist has taken me on many exciting journeys into the human psyche, exploring the possibilities we have and the powerful forces we possess based on our thoughts alone.

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One of the most fascinating areas is working with impotence, as sexual desire is the strongest desire and the most natural quality we are born with. I have worked with women who have not been able to experience orgasms, men who cannot get an erection, men who experience premature ejaculation and a wide range of sexual problems.


Many couples come to hypnotherapy together to get their relationship back on track. The typical problem is that many couples find that they have lost the spark and don’t have the same great sex life they had before. At shinhypnosis, we have helped many couples find out if their relationship can be saved and love and sex drive can be rediscovered.

I had a client who experienced that his erection simply disappeared and that he felt that he was becoming impotent and therefore came to shinhypnosis. We asked his brain about the cause of the problem and it took us back to when he was 15 years old and was in his room masturbating. His mother came into the room and discovered him and his erection immediately disappeared. This experience caused him to associate sex with anxiety, embarrassment and guilt.

These feelings are some of the big things that influence the brain to act negatively in the future. Although his sex life has been satisfying for most of his life, something triggered the act when he was around 38 years old and he experienced impotence. *We worked together and eliminated the action from his brain by using powerful imagery and taking him back to a time in his life when he realized that he wasn’t impotent, but rather had a perpetual erection. I put in some triggers and keywords and – shin badda bing – now he and his partner are very happy.
(The stories have been accepted by the client for reference.)


Your conscious mind does not know the answers or causes of problems. A client’s response to a potential cause will typically be that “it has nothing to do with that”. *Hypnosis can determine and get rid of the cause of impotence by using future imagery and providing belief that impotence is in the past. Book an appointment with Shinhypnosis and get a well-functioning sex life.

The arterial wall of a penis carries blood flow to a cavity of spongy tissue. Penile arteries are very small and atherosclerosis. Fat deposits can reduce blood flow to the tissue, preventing it from reaching full size. It doesn’t take much to reduce the size of the internal arterial walls, resulting in loss of blood flow.
*Quit smoking – Nicotine obstructs the arteries by up to 30% and results in 50% less blood flow to the penis. This alone can often eliminate impotence.

*Lose weight – being overweight will also reduce blood flow to the tissues of the penis.
*Reduce your cholesterol – the build-up of cholesterol in the veins and arteries blocks the artery walls and can massively reduce blood flow to the penis.
*Cocaine – stop using cocaine, it can make the arteries of a 20-year-old look like and have the pathology of a 75-year-old man.
*Testosterone production – new studies show that testosterone production can be increased based on the ability of the mind to fantasize. If you’ve taken sex “out of your mind”, you’re traveling further away from the solution. You need to raise your testosterone production through active visualizations and your imagination. It is more powerful if stimulation is created internally rather than externally.

For example, the mind can visualize instances that are emotionally satisfying to you and have a connection to you. Watching a porn movie or reading (sorry – looking at the pictures) in a magazine is using the external senses and doesn’t have the intensity of setting the internal imagination in motion, which is the mechanism for arousal and increased testosterone production. Low testosterone levels can be increased through mental imagery. Engage in some fantasies that stimulate your creative juices.


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*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee improvement of impotence and sexual problems and that results may vary from person to person.

What to do about impotence?

There are many things you can do to alleviate impotence. For example, you can stop smoking, lose weight or reduce your cholesterol. Therefore, there can be many physiological reasons why you struggle with impotence.

Why do you have sexual problems?

“Sexual problems” is a broad category, but generally speaking, your conscious mind does not know the cause of the problem. However, sexual problems often arise due to mental absence or physiological poorness.

Why do we experience sexual problems in our relationships?

Many couples experience sexual problems at some point in their relationship. In the vast majority of cases, this is due to a loss of spark in the relationship and therefore not having the same good sex life as before.

Does hypnosis help with impotence and other sexual problems?

Hypnosis can help you find the cause of your problems that your conscious mind cannot identify on its own. In this way, you can get to the heart of the matter with the help of hypnosis treatments. However, hypnosis does not have the same effect on all people and therefore a specific result cannot be guaranteed.

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