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Do you feel that you could find a better you if you received guidance and help to reduce your challenges? With an online coach from ShinHypnosis, you can get to the core of your problem and receive treatments as well as methods that over time relieve anxiety, phobias or other frustrating emotional patterns.

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Does an online coach with a focus on hypnosis sound like something that could be relevant to you? Then please contact us at 31 65 84 33 or already today. Together we will find a program that matches you and your problems.

Who can use an online coach?

An online coach is relevant for those who want to have a sparring partner and therapist close at hand. With an online program, the options for a treatment or conversation become more flexible, which can be an advantage for some – for example, if there is a long distance between you and our clinic.

In addition, an online coach with a focus on hypnosis is particularly relevant for those who have some challenges of a more psychological nature. Perhaps you suffer from performance anxiety, fear of heights or other types of phobias. The hypnosis program can also help with stress and depression.

Hypnosis can therefore be a help in everyday life for many challenges.

The course with an online coach

In a session with an online coach, where we use hypnosis as a treatment or method, we focus on your specific challenges. For us, it’s about getting to the core of your problem so that we can then make it easier to treat successfully.

In the beginning, we focus on making you comfortable with hypnosis. Many of our clients were a little apprehensive at first, so for us it’s really important that you feel relaxed and comfortable with the treatment. This also ensures the best possible results.

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Are you curious about a program with an online coach? Then please contact us at 31 65 84 33 or contact us at shin@shinhypnose.dkwhere we will be happy to explain more about hypnosis and online coaching.

What does online coaching at Shin Hypnosis involve?

Online coaching from Shin Hypnosis involves a series of consultations where you are coached based on your specific issues. By holding the coaching sessions online, we make the process more flexible for an otherwise busy and changing everyday life.

What do you get out of an online coach?

With an online coach from Shin Hypnosis, you get a sparring partner who can help you put your issues and possible solutions into words. Furthermore, online coaching is an advantage if there is a large distance between you and our clinic

Who can make use of online coaching?

If you are ready to prioritize your own problems and want to initiate a long-term development, not a quick fix, then coaching at Shin Hypnosis is for you. With coaching, we will give you the opportunity to put your problems into words and solve them yourself.

How quickly can I see the effect of a program?

After the first consultation, you will often be more ready to face your challenges. However, to get the most out of coaching, it’s important to have recurring sessions so that you and the coach get to know your challenges and wishes.

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