How does hypnosis work?

When people ask me how I work as a hypnotist, the answer is clear and simple: I work with the mind in the same way that a chiropractor works with the body. While this comparison may seem unusual at first glance, it’s an apt way to explain my approach to helping people tackle mental health challenges. In this article, I will explore this analogy and explain how, as a hypnotist, I use this approach to improve people’s mental wellbeing.

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Hypnotist vs. chiropractor

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating physical problems in the body, especially in the back and joints. By applying adjustments and manipulations, they seek to restore the body’s balance and relieve pain. Similarly, as a hypnotist, I focus on working with the mind and helping people find balance in their mental state.

An alternative chiropractor for the mind:

When I say I work with the mind like a chiropractor works with the body, I don’t mean that I perform physical manipulations. Instead, I use hypnosis as a tool to help my clients achieve positive mental changes. Through various techniques and in-depth conversations, I seek to identify and resolve underlying causes of mental challenges such as anxiety, phobias or bad habits.

Just as a chiropractor seeks to restore balance to the body, I work towards creating a connection between the mind and body. By helping my clients change their thought processes and beliefs, I can help create a more harmonious and healthy mental state.

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Benefits of the comparison

The comparison between a hypnotist and a chiropractor helps provide an understanding of how I work with the mind. It makes it easier for people to relate to my approach and expect similar results to those achieved with chiropractic. This comparison can also help dispel any prejudices or fears people may have about hypnosis as a therapeutic method.

How does hypnosis work? – In a nutshell

Describing myself as a psychic chiropractor gives my clients and others an idea of how I work with the psyche to promote mental health and wellness. While the comparison may not be common in chiropractic, it’s a way to explain my approach and make a connection between my practice and something more familiar and accepted.

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