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*Hypnosis is one of the fastest and most effective methods to help people change habits.
In the program you will learn practice and theory – you will learn how to use hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. As a certified hypnotist at Shinhypnosis, you have the opportunity to open your own independent business as a hypnotist/hypnotherapist.

New: Shinhypnose offers Denmark’s most versatile hypnosis training programs, with a training model that has not previously been offered in Denmark. You can choose between two different training packages. This means you can easily choose which training package is best for you based on price, location and time. Whichever package you choose, you’ll be able to use hypnosis as a powerful tool in your everyday life.

In both packages you will also learn about safety. Certification is available for training package 1 after passing the Shinhypnosis exam.

All hypnosis training is done by Mads Aggerholm owner of Shinhypnose and Tina Kristensen Shinhypnose Rødovre. You can read more about Mads – click here

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By participating in our hypnosis training, you get to help real clients with their issues during the training program under the guidance of our master hypnotist.

Sign up for Denmark’s only hypnosis education where you experience doing therapy in practice during the education. At Shinhypnosis, we believe that practice is the most important thing when learning hypnosis.

Anyone can learn to hypnotize. At first glance, hypnosis may seem incredibly simple. It is; any person who can memorize and reproduce a pattern of words can “learn” to hypnotize people to some degree.

Trance induction does not depend on the physical presence of a hypnotist. It is possible to do hypnosis inductions by playing a recording containing the right suggestions to someone who has never met or seen the hypnotist. This is not to say that all individuals can be hypnotized in this way, or that they will fall into a deep trance during the induction. The goal is not to learn how to hypnotize yourself, but to learn how to hypnotize effectively. This involves much more than simply learning to reproduce a formula or script.


  • Receiving competent instruction
  • Acquisition of practical experience,
  • Acquisition of knowledge in related fields

In Shinhypnosis hypnosis training, you will learn to master these skills through our lectures and a lot of practical sessions. Students complete the program by taking a practical exam in the skills of a hypnotist.
Most people who study hypnosis without going through training have learned to hypnotize “by learning from their mistakes,” and they try to memorize the stereotypical procedures without understanding what they are doing when they hypnotize.

The teaching at Shinhypnosis is constructed in such a way that it will give the student an understanding of hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena. One of the basic premises of this work is that the only way to learn how to hypnotize effectively is through practice.

Shinhypnosis has therefore tried to present many different hypnosis techniques in the form of demonstrative experiments to be done by the student. These experiments have been carefully chosen to illustrate various basic concepts, which bring important facts and offer the student to try it out in practice and under controlled conditions. The student is told exactly, word for word, what to say, when to say it, how to say it and what to do. After a few days into the training, the student will be comfortable using their own words and understanding when performing hypnosis on a client.

You can get acquainted with the basic techniques of hypnosis within a relatively short period of time and with a minimum of effort, but it takes many years and hundreds of clients to acquire and master all the techniques of hypnosis. One of the most important factors when doing hypnosis inductions is confidence. In the program, you will therefore learn to work with yourself and you will see a great development from when you start until you leave the program as a hypnotist.


  • Perform hypnosis on real clients. There will always be a master hypnotist to guide you during the training.
  • History of hypnosis.
  • Professional hypnotherapeutic practice.
  • Doing suggestion tests.
  • Basic theory of the human psyche.
  • Rules of the mind.
  • Clinical procedures and counseling techniques.
  • Relieving anxiety and fear.
  • Recognizing the 3 hypnotic personalities.
  • How to get all 3 personalities in the correct trance.
  • The psychodynamics of the hypnotic induction.
  • Hidden hypnotic inductions.
  • Instant hypnotic induction techniques.
  • Common denominator approaches to insight and emotional clearing.
  • Direct techniques, discrete techniques and hidden techniques in hypnotic induction.
  • How to work with clients where other hypnotherapists have failed to hypnotize.
  • Using creativity in hypnosis sessions.
  • Authoritarian and permissive hypnotic inductions.
  • Objective and subjective trance recognition.
  • Depth measurement of hypnosis, proper de-hypnotization.
  • The key to successful programming.
  • Effective use of imagery.
  • Using hypnosis in groups.
  • Specific treatment techniques in the application of hypnosis.
  • Self-hypnosis.
  • Dangers of hypnosis and contra-indications.
  • Effective use of sub-therapies.
  • Effective hypno-analysis techniques.
  • Use of hypnosis with performers – one of the fastest growing areas of hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis techniques in sports.
  • Instantaneous regression techniques.
  • Trance authentication methods.
  • Hypnotic use of body syndromes.
  • How to cope with basic resistance.

If you have any questions about our hypnosis training, please feel free to contact us.

When registering for Shinhypnosis training, we reserve the right to record or photograph the course/teaching for commercial use.


*”So I have completed the Hypnosis training. Learning and understanding hypnosis is one of the most exciting things I have ever done, I look forward to learning more. Thanks to Shin Mads Aggerholm you are a true master! – SOPHIA CECILLIA HØEG”

*”Mads makes me feel very safe, he makes me feel like a better person and anything is possible 🙂 – PIA HANSEN”

*”Mads is super professional and a fantastic hypnotist/teacher! The best recommendations from here. – SIMON LÆGDSGAARD MADSEN”

How do you learn hypnosis?

At Shin Hypnosis, you are part of an educational program where there are three fundamental requirements for learning hypnosis: theoretical and practical experience during training. Basically, it is something anyone can learn to practice.

How do you perform hypnosis?

Hypnosis is often performed in a safe and calm environment where, by reproducing a pattern of words, you can “learn” to hypnotize people to a certain extent.

How often should you be treated with hypnosis?

How often you are treated with hypnosis depends largely on the complexity of your problems and the receiver’s willingness to enter into hypnosis. For some it requires a longer session or perhaps several treatments, for others a single treatment can make a big difference.

Where does hypnosis come from?

It is believed to be the Egyptians who were the first to treat people through hypnosis. They were said to be priests who acted as healers, with the treatment taking place in temples as a series of religious ceremonies. Since then, various relics have been found over time, with hypnosis appearing several times in different forms.

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