Self-hypnosis is used as a therapeutic complement to hypnotherapy.

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– for personal development, creativity, improving sports performance and motivation.

Below we have created three steps that you should follow up on after completing hypnosis treatment.


Give yourself the suggestions below 10 times over the next week. You do this when you have gone to bed and are ready to fall asleep.

Example: “I feel good and getting better and better”.

As you say it, imagine how it makes you feel better.

It is important that you do this exercise every night without falling asleep until it is finished.

You can count with your fingers by pressing a finger down so you don’t fall asleep or lose count every time you say the suggestion.

You start to create a pattern of behavior that programs you in a positive way. You’ll find that in the coming days, you respond positively to the suggestion.


(Induction to self-hypnosis)

You continue doing step 1 in week 2.

In addition: Sit comfortably and focus your attention – without effort – on a point opposite you, slightly above eye level.

Now take three deep breaths – slowly. On the third breath, hold your breath for a few seconds while counting backwards from 321.

Now exhale and close your eyes, allow yourself to relax completely and let yourself go into a hypnotic sleep.

Stay in this wonderful and relaxing state for two to three minutes.

Breathe out and close your eyes and allow yourself to relax completely and let yourself go into a hypnotic sleep.

Stay in this wonderful and relaxing state for two to three minutes, counting from 25 down to 1.

You can visualize or imagine the number, for example written on a whiteboard. To get “back” to the here and now, count from one to three and on three, close your eyes and you’re ready to do what you need to do in a more fresh and energized way.

Do this exercise twice a day.


In week 3, use a piece of paper to write down your own suggestion. It must meet the criteria: positive, simple, credible, measurable and it must be an action that gives you a reward.

Sit somewhere comfortable, find a point above eye level and read the suggestion inside yourself three times, imagining what you read.

Release the paper and take the first of three deep breaths. On the third breath, count backwards from three to one and exhale slowly. Allow yourself to go into a nice hypnotic state. Now say the suggestion again and again, instead of counting from 25 down to one, imagine the suggestion that you have written down.

You may find that it becomes a slightly fragmented experience, which is fine.

After about two to three minutes, you will “wake up” and come back to the here and now. You will feel comfortable and refreshed.

Give the suggestions time to work by repeating them for a few weeks.

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