Conditions – Form and course of the training

The basic training is an intensive weekend course from 10:00-18:00 on Saturday and Sunday. The course is taught by Shin Mads Aggerholm and you will receive written teaching material for the theoretical part. The teaching is a mix of real teaching and practical training, where students try out techniques on each other.

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The training then continues in more depth with digital and online learning.
During your training, it is important that you try out techniques/methods as much as possible. This is because you only become skilled at hypnotherapy when you have a certain amount of practical experience and we know that the right competence is achieved when you both practice yourself and receive supervision.

Training price and payment

The weekend basic course costs DKK 6,000 and you must pay a deposit of DKK 1,500 when registering or no later than 3 weeks before the course starts.
The deposit is non-refundable.

The balance of DKK 4,500 must be paid no later than the day you start the weekend basic course.

You can pay the balance in cash on the day of the intro or before via invoice/card payment.

The price for the following 5 months of supervised teaching and training is a total of DKK 7,500, payable in monthly installments of DKK 1,500.

The payment deadline for the 5 months of teaching and training is the first course day of the month and you will receive an invoice with the option of card/transfer payment.

Certificate/training certificate

When you have completed the 5 months of teaching and supervised training, you will receive a signed certificate/training certificate from Shin Mads Aggerholm after graduation.

If you do not complete the 5 months of training, you will not receive your certificate/training certificate. The certificate/training certificate requires stable and active participation.

No discounts are given in any form and we currently do not offer courses of shorter duration.

How to sign up

Your registration takes place via email and is binding. The binding agreement includes both the Intro weekend and the 5 months of subsequent training. We recommend registering early to secure your place.

Force majeure and similar circumstances

Should force majeure-like conditions arise at the provider, including at the provider’s instructor(s), illness or conditions arise that prevent or impede the completion of the training in whole or in part, the right is reserved to relocate the training location, to move/change/cancel or interrupt training for later completion as soon as possible thereafter, without any claims being derived from this.


You are offered the latest knowledge, which is why reservations are made for changes in course content and other changes.

Acceptance of terms of participation

By submitting the registration form, you accept the terms of participation.

Questions to ask

See more at or contact Tina Kristensen for practical information on tel. +45 60 66 84 62
or Mads Aggerholm for information about hypnosis or the content of the course on tel. 31 65 84 33

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