Hypnosis show – entertainment with a touch of “the incredible”

Can you be affected by alcohol without drinking and see things that don’t exist? Can you make people believe they are from Mars and named Pluto or that they are a world-famous singer?

Entertain your guests with a hypnosis show – it’s guaranteed to be an experience they’ll remember forever!

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An interesting evening with hypnosis show

Shinhypnose’s hypnosis show gives everyone an interesting, exciting and entertaining evening with a touch of “the incredible” – both the spectators who watch and those who actively participate in the hypnosis. (Everyone who participates in the show will be offered a free treatment at Shinhypnose).

“Everything we are not born with is learned and can therefore be changed” I will prove this in my hypnosis show.

Behind the hypnosis

I use hypnosis on a daily basis to help clients with anything to do with thoughts, feelings and behavior. Anxiety and bad habits are common problems that people need help to get rid of.

Many people think hypnosis is about getting people to act against their will. This is far from the case – in fact, it’s the opposite: it’s about getting people to do what they actually want to do.

Who doesn’t want to be calm during an exam, for example, or get rid of shyness when talking to new people?

We reserve the right to record parts of our show on video for commercial and/or educational purposes.

Prerequisites for a good hypnosis show

To get the best out of the show, the audience must be absolutely calm during the initial hypnosis phase, as it requires calm and concentration from the participants to reach as deep as possible.

Later on, the participants will be in such a deep state of hypnosis that they will be oblivious to the audience and their possible clapping and cheering.

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Show prices

Bachelorette parties and similar small events with few participants 3000.- incl VAT on Zealand
Private events such as weddings, confirmations or other parties 6000.- incl. VAT
High schools, colleges, continuation schools and other types of educational institutions 18.000 incl. VAT
Small businesses 20.000 incl. VAT
Medium-sized companies 25.000 incl. VAT
Large companies 50.000 incl VAT, – 000 incl VAT

What happens during a hypnosis show?

During a hypnosis show it is possible to influence people to believe they are drunk without having been drinking, or make them believe they are aliens from another planet. The hypnosis show is exciting, educational and an opportunity to learn more about the human mind.

What does it take to hypnotize people?

In order to hypnotize people, it is a prerequisite that the audience is calm. The hypnosis will consist of an initial phase that requires deep concentration to create a connection to the participant’s subconscious mind. Later, the participant will reach a stage of hypnosis where they are unaware of the audience.

How does it feel to participate in a hypnosis show?

When we perform the hypnosis show, we often want to do it in a calm environment, at least in the initial phase. During the show, it is the subconscious mind that is put to work and therefore there will be no physical discomfort associated with the hypnosis.

What does a hypnosis show cost?

The price of a hypnosis show varies depending on how many people need to be hypnotized, how long it will last and how many audience members will participate. At Shin Hypnosis, we are happy to provide a no-obligation quote for a hypnosis show for your particular event or event.

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