Treatment of phobias

Fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of water, fear of spiders… The list of things that make us afraid and anxious is long. About one in 10 Danes develops a phobia, and a study conducted by Interresearch for the Sunday newspaper shows us which individual phobias we suffer from.

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The absolute top scorer is acrophobia (fear of heights), which 29% of respondents say they suffer from. A close second is (arachnophobia – spider phobia), which 18% of respondents suffer from. For almost all phobias, the majority of sufferers are women.

Some people develop ways to live with their fears on their own. For many others, the condition is so severe that they need help to overcome the fear.
Most people know the feeling of being really scared of something. But phobics experience anxiety attacks that are much worse.

“I couldn’t go to Netto or Føtex without getting a strong pressure in my chest and a severe headache. At the same time, everything became chaos in my head,” says Jeanette Scherer from Copenhagen, who suffered from social phobia.

She couldn’t be in crowds of more than 3-4 people without panicking. Gradually, she also developed a fear of anxiety. For six months, she was unable to drop off and pick up her son from daycare without having an anxiety attack.

Childhood experiences and a rape at the age of 19 are probably the reason she developed her phobia, which she has now learned to live with.


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Heights (acrophobia) 29% Men’s phobia 23% Women (arachnophobia)
Spiders (arachnophobia) 18% Men (arachnophobia) 11% Women (claustrophobia)
Enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) 12% Men (claustrophobia) 6% Women (claustrophobia)
Illness (nosophobia) 9% Men (nosophobia) 7% Women (nosophobia)
Flying (aerophobia) 8% Men 6% Women (nyctophobia)
Darkness (nyctophobia) 5% Men (nyctophobia) 2% Women (decidophobia)
Making decisions (decidophobia) 2% Males 2% Women (decidophobia)

Source: Sunday newspaper

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*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee improvement of phobias and that results may vary from person to person.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a form of treatment that can be used for physical and psychological issues. It is used for change processes, using the subconscious mind to change thought patterns that may be detrimental to a person’s well-being.

How does hypnosis work?

By “short-cutting” the subconscious mind, the hypnotist gains access to a vast amount of unconscious resources through which the hypnotist can change the perception of conscious or unconscious experiences. During treatment, the hypnotist thus influences the client, but it is essentially the client himself who heals or prevents himself.

What can be treated with hypnosis?

Many issues can be treated through hypnosis, including anxiety, phobias, jealousy, stress, depression and more. It can also be used in connection with physical pain, where hypnosis can act as a pain reliever.

Who can be treated with hypnosis?

Basically, anyone who wants to can make use of hypnosis treatment. However, it requires that you are willing to engage in the treatment, that you are comfortable with your therapist and trust this person.

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