Fear of heights treatment – Hypnosis treatment for fear of heights

Fear of heights is something we often have people in treatment for at Shinhypnosis. We have both extensive and good experience with hypnosis for fear of heights. Our experience shows that some people only need a single hypnosis session to feel relaxed enough not to fear heights. However, everyone is different and some will need multiple sessions.

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In hypnosis for fear of heights, we go back to the situation where you first experienced fear of heights. We then work with your fear so that you no longer have to fear heights to the same extent. In other words, hypnosis for fear of heights resets your anxiety so you no longer have to fear stairs, ladders, bridges, steep hills and more. Whatever your anxiety, having a phobia can be incredibly inhibiting. It can stop you from doing things that for most people would be a simple thing. For example, if you suffer from a severe fear of heights, even the smallest staircase can be a big challenge.

We’ve had to help people at our clinic on several occasions, even though there are only 3 steps up to the clinic, as the mere thought of walking up two or three steps has left them feeling terrified!

Hypnosis fear of heights

If you want to overcome your fear of heights so that it no longer dominates your life, hypnosis for fear of heights can be a way for you to get rid of it. Hypnosis for fear of heights helps you identify when and why you have a fear of heights and teaches you that heights are not dangerous.

After hypnosis fear of heights, you may still experience a rational fear of heights. This is because during hypnosis we work to give you a natural relationship with heights. For most people, it would not be natural to hang over a cliff without feeling some form of fear. So after the hypnosis treatment, you will still feel a natural fear of heights.

Recommended number of hypnosis treatments for fear of heights

Typically, 1-2 treatments are enough to treat your fear of heights.

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*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee recovery from hypnosis and that results may vary from person to person.


People often think that you are born with a fear of heights. A small child doesn’t seem to be afraid of falling when they start learning to walk – they develop a certain caution after a while.

It’s very likely that someone who is afraid of heights has learned to be afraid of it at some point in their life, perhaps by suddenly imagining what it would be like to fall down.


You get to manifest your awareness in that the closer you get to “the fall” the more your imagination works, imagining yourself either jumping off or falling down.

It is thought that adrenaline release is the cause of the feeling and the subsequent panic reaction.


We use hypnosis and NLP techniques with lightning inductions along with gestalt therapy where you are taken back to the situation where you experienced the fear of heights and from there you are treated – it’s fast and very effective. *We treat your fear and get it reset.


Being hesitant or reluctant about heights is a natural human reaction, and we make sure to preserve this natural reaction in you. Feeling free with your toes hanging off a cliff at thousands of meters is not a normal reaction (for most people)!

Problems that people experience when they have a fear of heights:

  • Going upstairs
  • Being in a tall building
  • Driving on bridges, canyons or valleys
  • Fear of flying
  • Walking up a ladder
  • Looking down a flight of stairs
  • Watching a TV show or movie about heights
  • And of course, being near a steep drop from a cliff

How does hypnosis work for fear of heights?

In hypnosis, we access your conscious and subconscious thought patterns in a relaxed space and try to overcome the fear of heights. During hypnosis you will learn some relaxation skills that will help you develop a new pattern of behavior

How fast does hypnosis work?

The effects of hypnosis for fear of heights will often be felt immediately after the treatment. However, in some cases, the treatments are followed up to ensure a lasting effect on the fear of heights. If you fall back into old patterns, it is also possible to enter a new session where you can work even more deeply with the fear of heights.

How long does hypnosis work for fear of heights?

The duration of hypnosis for fear of heights varies from person to person. In cases where the problem is not that deep, a single treatment may be enough. However, in other cases where the fear is rooted in deeper subconscious experiences, it may require longer sessions or multiple treatments.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is not dangerous as it is essentially the client who processes their subconscious thoughts. As the client, you are in complete control throughout the session and will not be influenced to do things you don’t want to do.

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