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Direct Navigation is coaching and supervision and a great alternative to psychology, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. It’s for you if you want to change your lifestyle and get rid of irrational anxiety, low self-esteem and whatever else anxiety can cause.

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Going forward in this presentation of Direct Navigation, I will use the abbreviation DN.

In addition to the events and groups you can read more about on the site, we also offer single sessions.

A DN program is conducted in a way that you will definitely like without having to work on yourself in cognitive ways, and you can easily achieve your goals with the right guidance.

DN is known among clients as “Power Coaching” and has a powerful effect right away. There’s no hocus pocus when you know the techniques behind it. We can help you unlearn what you have learned in a conscious or unconscious way. It can be anxiety, bad habits and addictions.

DN is great for self-development so you can become the best version of yourself.


We offer anti-stress courses where we use acupuncture, among other things.

We have experience of helping people who are suffering from stress and depression. With DN, we have seen improvements in half the time compared to many other methods and systems,

With DN, we can guide you and your emotions in the right way and help you change your perception of the things that stress you. It helps with decreased adrenaline secretion and sleep disturbances, among other things. We’re not asking you to turn off your phone and do mindfulness. For us, it’s about your freedom and removing the things that stress you out and getting you back into the right pattern where you feel your best and feel energized.


We’ve worked with a number of athletes at all levels over the years with both performance anxiety and performance enhancing techniques and supplements. This is a full package with nutritional guidance and mental training.

Of course, we also work with others who need the same, such as actors, musicians and so on.


Do you need motivation to lose weight?

We’re all different, which is why we have different ways to motivate you. Not just to lose weight, but also to stay slim. We talk about lifestyle change in a natural and easy way, so you don’t have to control yourself. If you’ve tried a diet, you probably know that it only works as long as you follow the rules. Once you’ve lost the pounds, you stop the diet, and funnily enough, the pounds come back on just as fast as you lost them….maybe even faster. With a DN program, we can help you keep your new patterns without bans. It’s all about helping you get into a better pattern where you let go of all cravings to achieve your goals.


If you’ve been in a long-term relationship or know that dating can be difficult, DN might be for you. Here we help you understand yourself and people in general. You will feel comfortable when dating, even though the situation may seem artificial (as it often is when going on a date). Often it’s a lack of self-esteem that is the biggest obstacle.

What is direct navigation?

Direct navigation is an effective form of coaching and supervision, with a quick effect compared to more classic approaches. Direct Navigation is especially good for self-development and is a great alternative to therapy, psychology, hypnotherapy and the like.

What can you use Direct Navigation for?

Direct Navigation is also known as “power coaching” and can be used to quickly achieve an effect. In several cases, we have experience of helping people with stress and depression to notice improvements in half the time compared to other methods.

Can you use Direct Navigation for weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, you can use Direct Navigation to build or maintain good habits. We help you get into a better pattern where you can resist cravings and achieve your goals.

What does Direct Navigation cost?

Direct Navigation is often slightly more expensive than classic hypnosis. However, the sessions are often shorter and have a faster effect. A session with direct navigation often costs between 800 and 1000 DKK depending on the practitioner and duration.

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