FAQ about our hypnosis training

We want to help everyone get started – whether it’s a therapist or an unemployed person, as we ourselves have experienced difficulties many years ago.
Shinhypnose has chosen to make the program at a price that is affordable for most people, as we want everyone to be able to afford to take the program.

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Shinhypnosis chooses to share the knowledge that has been built up so that hypnosis can become widespread as a form of treatment. Here you can read answers to frequently asked questions about the hypnosis program.

Do you get a certificate after the training?

  • Yes, you will receive a certificate that you have completed the training.
  • You do not get a certificate for NGH, but you can choose to buy membership with them or another organization.
  • We have chosen that it is up to the student which organization they want to be a member of.

Are meals included?

  • You get coffee, tea and for the weekend basic course, lunch is also included.

Who organizes the hypnosis training?

  • Shin Mads Aggerholm is a master hypnotist and hypnotherapist.

You are always welcome to write to us if you have any questions regarding our hypnosis training. You can simply use the contact form on the right-hand side.

You can read more about our different versions of the program, we have knitted this together so that everyone has an opportunity to participate, no matter where in the country you live.

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