Meditation for stress

Stress is an emotional and physical impact caused by pressure from the outside world. Common stress reactions can be irritation, tension, lack of concentration and a host of physical symptoms such as headaches, migraines and heart palpitations. Meditation can help with this.

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Most of us wouldn’t dream of having a life without stress, as it adds pleasure, excitement and spice to life. But if stress gets out of control, it can affect your health, your relationships and your work life.

Stress can be triggered by many situations that most of us will experience at some point in our lives.

Perhaps you and your partner are both working full-time and you’re starting a family. At the same time, your parents may be retired and their health is poor, so they rely on help with shopping and general assistance.

You may also be single and living alone and your income isn’t increasing as fast as you’d like, making it difficult to pay your bills.

Maybe you’re divorced and sharing a child with your former partner, but the relationship between you and the children means you’re often bitter towards each other.

You have trouble sleeping at night – you may have trouble falling asleep and when you finally do, you wake up at 4am and can’t get back to sleep. Your health suffers and you may have many more sick days than usual.

Dealing with stress affects both your mind and your body. Sleep is the most important time for your immune system to recover – not sleeping well at night will have many repercussions and is the beginning of dangerous signs of stress.


Relaxing the right way is the fastest and most effective way to get your life under control. The first to do in-depth research was Dr. Herbert Benson from Harvard Medical School using the natural bodily mechanism. *By practicing self-hypnosis regularly for 15 minutes a day, you can cut down on stress and you will be able to sleep effortlessly.

The response is triggered by several activities including self-hypnosis, meditation and yoga. This is one of the many ways to experience relaxation and de-stress. The exercises are well-known self-hypnosis techniques.

You can do the exercises at any time of day or night. If you find that you fall asleep, do it when you get up. Do not do the exercises at the end of the night before you go to bed, as the effect will be less.

You can set your alarm and come back whenever you want – it’s like waking up in the morning or when you’re lying on the beach – you can always come back and wake up in an instant.

Obviously, you shouldn’t do this when you’re driving a car or operating machinery.

Ten minutes a day is good, do it more and it will be really good – you’ll feel the effect immediately.

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Hypnosis for stress

*”I had met Mads in connection with a lecture where he also entertained with hypnosis, and when I had a severe stress-related depression a few months later, I chose to contact him for a consultation.

We started with a talk about stress and how to act and live with stress. Mads had a really good and illustrative explanation, which definitely made it easier for me to get something tangible out of my situation.

I then underwent a hypnosis treatment that lasted about 1 hour, where I was on a journey through my childhood, youth and my adult life. A journey where I met, confronted and turned upside down the situations that lie deep within me and take up a lot of resources so that the ordinary things in everyday life can result in me becoming stressed more easily.

I definitely felt sane all the time, knew what I was saying and doing, and at no point did I lose control of myself. I got in touch with positive and negative sides of myself in a really good way and communicated with family members in a constructive and effective way that I had never tried before. I managed to say goodbye to a family member who was very close to me but who I didn’t get to say goodbye to at the time for various reasons.

The things we worked on were clearly factors that triggered my stress, and the journey with Mads resolved these one by one so that after the treatment I felt relaxed, happy and exhausted. I left feeling like a happy and relaxed woman – a feeling I hadn’t had for a very long time.

Now, 2 months later, I haven’t had a night where I couldn’t sleep. I have gained the resources to be myself and manage my life, to better be there for my family in a way that I and they want. I can do my job and my hobbies, and I feel I have extra resources for unforeseen situations. Of course, I’m not 100% stress-free overnight, but it’s important to emphasize that I now have the resources to work with the stress, and I will definitely be traveling with Mads again.

Sincerely, Line”

*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee recovery from stress and should be seen as individual results, where results may vary from person to person.

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