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Profile of Shinhypnose.dk founded by Shin Mads Aggerholm 2006 –

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Education: Hypnotist/therapist by the National Guild of Hypnosis (NGH)

Internationally approved NADA therapist and hypnotist.

As a hypnotist and therapist, from 2006 to now, Mads has helped many people and participated in a number of hypnosis experiments at e.g. Riget and Copenhagen Police.
He has entertained and lectured for a number of sports clubs including. BIF, Novo and Bosch ...See more under references

Mads is the first hypnotist to successfully perform hypnotherapy on deaf people in Denmark – see more under “Deaf in Hypnosis”

Mads masters all kinds of hypnosis inductions (i.e. the way to put people into hypnosis). Both direct, indirect and lightning inductions. This is how he achieves the highest success in the hypnosis state.

Who is Mads Aggerholm?

Mads Aggerholm is a Danish recognized hypnotherapist with a long experience in both private hypnosis sessions, as well as hypnosis shows throughout Denmark. He is a trained hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnosis and has helped hundreds of people since 2006.

Where in Denmark does Mads Aggerholm offer hypnotherapy?

Mads Aggerholm is based in Copenhagen and Roskilde, but it is possible to request a session in other parts of the country, or online if you wish. Mads Aggerholm is highly sought after for hypnosis sessions, so be in good time if you want to book a session.

Who can get hypnotherapy from Mads Aggerholm?

Everyone is welcome to book a session with Mads Aggerholm, and there is no discrimination between customers. If you are a student, you are also welcome to book a session and receive a student discount on both 60 and 30-minute sessions.

Why should you use Mads Aggerholm from Shin Hypnosis?

Mads Aggerholm is ultimately Denmark’s most experienced hypnotist, which is also recognized by having been called in for several TV shows. In addition, Mads Aggerholm has extensive experience working with major private companies across the country.


Hypnotist and therapist. He also works as a lecturer, show hypnotist and teaches hypnosis at home and abroad (shinhypnosis workshop).

In addition to hypnosis, Shin Mads also uses tools such as NLP, Psychotherapy, Symbolism, EMDR, EFT, NADA acupuncture and other powerful tools to help people in the best possible way.

Shin has an expertise in the subconscious mind (Limbic System) and its logical control of emotions.


Shin graduated as a classical musician from Det Kgl. The Royal Danish Academy of Music 1993-98 and has since worked in all the symphony orchestras and theaters in Denmark. He has specialized in performance anxiety and focusing. As a hypnotist and therapist, he still studies and trains to this day.


Mads has over time participated in various media contexts including DR 1, DR 2, DR3, TV2 and TV 3 and in a smoking cessation campaign on MTV.

Because the world is set up the way it is, we find ourselves in a performance society where we have to perform almost every day. Whether it’s at school, work or job hunting, expectations are constantly being raised. The mental part of the human being has almost become a taboo that people rarely make time for or talk about. As a professional hypnotist/hypnotherapist, I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. My clinic is located at Melchiors Plads in Østerbro. Here I can conduct consultations and treatments of clients in a comfortable and safe environment.

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