Jealousy can be a very unpleasant feeling – both for the person who is jealous, but also for the person it affects. If there is a lot of jealousy in a relationship or friendship, it can be devastating for the relationship. Jealousy leads to mistrust and creates an imbalance between the parties. If you are very jealous, it can be beneficial to work on why you get jealous and how you can let go of jealousy so that it does not dominate your relationships.

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Hypnosis jealousy is a tool you can use to overcome your jealousy. When you are very jealous, it can be difficult to think rationally. You can build scenarios in your head that don’t happen in reality. Hypnosis jealousy can help you overcome this, as well as the negative thinking that jealousy can cause.

If you’ve experienced extreme jealousy, no one has to tell you what it can do to a relationship. Whether you’re the jealous partner or the recipient, jealousy can destroy your relationship.


Even if you are very jealous and you know that what you feel is not rational, it is often impossible to stop the actions that follow – the effect of your imagination. All jealousy is caused by an overactive and misused imagination.

In hypnosis for jealousy, we work to make your thought patterns more positive. We help you learn to manage your thoughts so you don’t end up with the addictive obsessions that can overshadow all rationality.

When jealousy is allowed to take over, it can be difficult to maintain control over your imagination and irrational thoughts. Hypnosis for jealousy can help you regain control so you can get your thoughts back under control and stop them getting out of control. You’ll learn to see your realistic self again and you’ll learn to listen to rational thoughts.

Your partner or friend will be pleasantly surprised to see your more relaxed and realistic self.

Inventing scenarios in your mind about what your partner is thinking or doing is the perfect way to torture yourself. Although it feels awful, it can be almost addictive obsessions – it can feel impossible to keep jealous thoughts out of your mind.


*With the use of hypnosis, jealousy can be seen for what it really is. Hypnosis for jealousy allows you to escape the clutches of this destructive parasite.

Dealing with jealousy will help you regain control and you will be able to learn to work with your imagination to stop imagining the worst happening to you.

Your partner will be amazed and probably overjoyed to see your new relaxed and realistic self.

Book an appointment today and overcome your jealousy, as excessive jealousy can be the biggest burden on a relationship and your own health. It can be treated with hypnosis and you can have a better life and a healthy relationship.

*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee recovery from jealousy and that results may vary from person to person.

How can hypnosis help with jealousy?

By accessing conscious and subconscious experiences through hypnosis, clients can gain a new perspective on what jealousy really is. In hypnosis, an overactive imagination can be shifted towards a more rational and relaxed view of the issues that trigger jealousy.

How will hypnosis for jealousy help me move forward?

By clarifying jealousy through hypnosis, the client will be able to take back control of their thoughts and imagination. You will be better able to recognize thought patterns and nip them in the bud.

How does hypnosis feel?

Hypnosis treatment usually takes place in a calm environment between therapist and client, and is therefore often a relaxed experience. In the treatment, it is the subconscious mind that is put to work and there will therefore be no physical discomfort in connection with the hypnosis.

What does hypnosis cost?

Hypnosis prices vary from practitioner to practitioner and you may not be matched with the practitioner you first thought. The treatment is based on safety and trust and therefore it is important to choose your practitioner based on these parameters.

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