Infertility is a growing problem in Denmark. It’s often difficult for doctors to determine if it’s due to a physical problem. Even if you physically function normally, it can feel almost impossible to fulfill your desire to have a child. Most people who have trouble having children often feel powerless and resigned. You try and try, follow all the advice, but still nothing happens.

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The ups and downs of emotions are all too familiar; when a woman has gone past her due date and you hope that “this is it”. Then you find out that it was a false alarm and that you are still childless. It’s a very debilitating feeling and you almost give up hope of having children. There are many factors that can cause infertility. Many people underestimate the mental part of the problem. We rush on with our everyday lives and just hope that one day we will succeed.

A relevant example is stress. We all agree that everyday stress is not good for our health and that stress can stop the body from functioning properly. Stress can be the cause of ulcers, gastritis and high blood pressure. Your state of mind can also stop you from getting pregnant. We unconsciously seek more and more pressure the more we focus on our problems. Of course, the issue can also be caused by other things.


*Hypnosis is a great way to work with the mental part of the problem. It can help you relax in everyday life and be patient, and if you want help, that’s what you need to focus on.

You often hear of couples who adopt a child and shortly after adoption, the woman becomes pregnant. This is just another example of how the mental part of us has much more power over our bodies than we realize in everyday life. At this point, the woman has accepted her infertility and found another solution. Therefore, she has begun to relax about what has been her problem and her body begins to find its natural and balanced state again.

*In hypnosis, we work directly with the subconscious and unconscious mind, making it possible to achieve good results. Call shinhypnosis today and get help to fight your infertility.

*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee infertility recovery and that results may vary from person to person.

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