Hypnotist in Rødovre – Hypnosis treatment

Would you like to quit smoking? Do you have a fear of flying? Do you suffer from tinnitus? Hypnosis can help you break bad habits and the baggage you carry.

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When you start your program with a hypnotist in Rødovre, we always begin with an initial conversation where you tell us about your problem and your wishes.

Before the actual treatment begins, you will have the opportunity to try the hypnosis state so that you become comfortable with the surroundings and the further process with the hypnotist in Rødovre.

NADA and meditation – an effective supplement to hypnosis

In addition to hypnosis, we offer NADA acupuncture and meditation in Rødovre because these treatment approaches complement each other perfectly. With us, it is possible to create a treatment plan that includes several different elements so you can regain balance in your life.

Get help from a hypnotist in Rødovre

Hypnosis works as an effective tool for many issues:

  • tinnitus
  • performance anxiety
  • jealousy
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • sexual problems and impotence
  • arachnophobia, fear of flying, fear of heights
  • exam anxiety
  • migraines
  • stuttering
  • sleep problems
  • depression
  • addiction
  • smoking cessation
  • weight loss
  • infertility

With the hypnotist’s help, you will be able to solve your problem so that you can finally live the life you dream of. A balanced life is not difficult to achieve when you have the right treatment plan and competent people to help you.

Book an appointment with a hypnotist in Rødovre – close to Brøndbyøster station

Your hypnotist in Rødovre is located at Fjeldhammervej 15, st. B08, close to Roskildevej and just a few minutes walk from Brøndbyøster station. Bus lines (13, 9A and 123) are also a few minutes away.

Book an appointment for treatment with a hypnotist in Rødovre by phone +45 60 66 84 62 or via our online booking system.

You are welcome to contact us if you want to hear more about the possibility of creating a treatment plan that suits your particular situation.

We will do our best to help you achieve an everyday life with greater joy, energy and well-being.

Please note: We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee recovery and that results are individual and may vary from person to person.

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