Exam anxiety – Hypnosis treatment for exam anxiety

For many people, going to exams is tough. It can put a lot of pressure to show your abilities. Therefore, many people are familiar with the feeling of exam anxiety, which can manifest itself through fainting tendencies, sleep disturbances, fear, tremors, confusion and more. Both your psyche and physique are under pressure and it can be very difficult to cope.

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At Shinhypnosis we offer exam anxiety hypnosis. Here we work to neutralize the exaggerated danger signals that you experience in connection with exam anxiety. We work to change your behavioral patterns so that you don’t fall back into bad thought patterns. Exam anxiety hypnosis can be an effective and quick way to overcome fear so you can approach exams with a more natural nervousness.

In our experience, many people will feel a marked improvement after just one session of exam anxiety hypnosis. However, there are different degrees of exam anxiety and if you suffer from it to a severe degree, you may need more than one session.


It is not uncommon to have exam anxiety as a constant companion even long before the exam itself. Some people experience severe sleep disturbances and are plagued by nightmares that include exam anxiety.

In the actual exam situation, exam anxiety can mean that you have trouble expressing yourself, you may cry, hyperventilate, black out, sweat, appear extremely incoherent and unclear and, in the worst case, have to leave the exam room without completing the test.

No one needs to suffer from such severe exam anxiety. Because exam anxiety can mean avoiding exams or failing exams, which in the long run can mean not being able to complete an education, which can ultimately mean not getting the career and job(s) you want.


*Hypnosis puts you in a light trance state where the subconscious mind is contacted so that you can stop the inappropriate pattern around the misconception that exams are dangerous and release resources such as strength, overview, inner peace, belief in yourself and your abilities, as well as any other resource that you want to activate.

Hypnosis is both gentle and highly effective in minimizing and sometimes completely neutralizing the exaggerated inner danger signals, so that well-being and inner harmony once again allow the exam to be experienced as what it is – a test and not something worse than that.

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*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee relief from exam anxiety and that results may vary from person to person.

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How does hypnosis work for exam anxiety?

In hypnosis, we try to access your conscious and unconscious thought patterns in a relaxed space to overcome your exam anxiety. During hypnosis you will learn some relaxation skills that will help you develop a new behavioral pattern.

How fast does hypnosis work for exam anxiety?

The effects of hypnosis will often be felt immediately after the treatment. However, in some cases, the treatments are followed up to ensure a lasting effect on exam anxiety. If you fall back into old patterns, it is also possible to enter into a new session where you can work even more into the fear of the exam room.

How long does hypnosis work?

The duration of a hypnosis session varies from person to person. In cases where the anxiety is not that deep, a single treatment may be enough. However, in other cases where the anxiety is rooted in a more complex subconscious experience, it may require longer sessions or multiple treatments.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is not dangerous as it is essentially the client processing their subconscious thoughts. As the client, you are in complete control throughout the session and will not be influenced to do things you don’t want to do.

Can you use hypnosis for exam anxiety?

At Shin Hypnosis, we have many years of experience using hypnosis as a tool for exam anxiety. Our experience shows us that many people get a positive effect from exam anxiety.

How much does hypnosis for exam anxiety cost?

The price of hypnosis depends on how many sessions you need and how long the session should be. For the first session, 1 hour of hypnosis at Shin Hypnosis costs 1.500,- and 30 min. costs 1.000,-. You can read more about prices here.

Does hypnosis work against exam anxiety?

The effect of hypnosis is individual, but our experience shows that most people get a positive and effective result from hypnosis for exam anxiety. Often 1-2 treatments will be enough to create a good effect.

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