Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is a feeling that many people experience. The feeling of not being good enough, not being able to deliver and the feeling of failure is something many can relate to. Performance anxiety hypnosis is a tool for working with these negative feelings. During performance anxiety hypnosis we work with your confidence and self-esteem.

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Poor self-esteem has an impact on many parameters in life, and many things can become difficult to deal with, such as the feeling of achievement. In our experience, performance anxiety hypnosis is an effective treatment for turning low self-esteem into stronger and better self-esteem. Hypnosis works to make you see and understand the things you are good at. It’s not about being good at everything, it’s about remembering the things you are good at.

Hypnosis for performance anxiety

If you often have bad thoughts about yourself and your abilities, hypnosis for performance anxiety can help you. During hypnosis, we work on not being too critical of yourself. We work on changing your thought patterns to become more positive so that you dare to rest more in yourself. It’s about opening your eyes to what you are good at.

How many times you need hypnosis for performance anxiety can vary from person to person. In our experience, many people notice a significant difference after just 1-2 sessions.

Why do some people have less confidence and self-esteem than others?

It can be due to several things. In most cases, it’s the past that has influenced us in one direction or another. For example, low self-esteem can be caused by having had to take on a lot of responsibility too early or being bullied at school. If you’ve never been told you’re good enough or have always been told what you can’t do.

The fear of failure can be a big fear for many people and it’s not something you talk about.

Many people talk about having low self-esteem, but very few do anything about it. Yes, you can actually change that feeling and attitude towards yourself in a very short time.

Self-confidence is not that you are good at everything, but that you know what you are good at.

The word “confidence” includes being able to give yourself the confidence in what you do, when you speak, and the things we do in everyday life. Believing in yourself in all situations and, not least, loving yourself (self-esteem).


Most of the problems I work with on a daily basis are rooted in low self-confidence and self-esteem. Jealousy, anxiety, phobias, stuttering, nervousness, etc.

Maybe you think very critically about yourself and focus more on your shortcomings rather than your qualities. If you reverse that thought pattern and start utilizing what you are good at, a sense of self-confidence will eventually emerge again.


*By getting hypnosis for performance anxiety, you will be able to effectively work on your self-confidence. Being able to change your thought patterns into something more positive and help you feel better self-esteem and confidence.

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*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee improvement of performance anxiety and should be seen as individual results, where results may vary from person to person.

What causes performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety can be caused by several things and is often a mixture of different experiences throughout life. For example, you may have taken on too much responsibility too early in life or have been influenced by negative expressions in your environment for a long time.

How does hypnosis work for performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety is often caused by past experiences that have influenced us in an inappropriate direction. By accessing conscious and subconscious experiences in hypnosis, we can go deeper into issues of self-confidence and self-esteem and counteract performance anxiety.

What does hypnosis for performance anxiety cost?

When using hypnosis for various forms of anxiety, the most important thing is a safe and trusting relationship between therapist and client. The cost of hypnosis varies from practitioner to practitioner and is also dependent on the duration of each session.

How long does hypnosis work for performance anxiety?

It varies how long a hypnosis treatment works, for some people a single session is enough and other times you can have several sessions with your practitioner. The therapist and client often follow up on a hypnosis session to discuss the effect and agree on whether further help is needed.

Can I use hypnosis for performance anxiety?

If you suffer from performance anxiety, hypnosis can be a great tool to overcome it. Performance anxiety can be a hindrance in many aspects of life, such as work or study. Hypnosis works on the thoughts that lead to performance anxiety.

How much hypnosis do I need to get rid of performance anxiety?

The effect of hypnosis is always individual, so it can be difficult to say exactly how much hypnosis you need to have for it to help. However, our experience shows that it often takes no more than 1-2 sessions for people to notice a significant and positive effect.

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