The cost of smoking in Denmark is not only poor health and early death, but also high social costs, according to figures from the Ministry of Health and Taxation.

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Smoking causes 149,000 hospitalizations annually and costs the healthcare system DKK 3.9 billion.

At the same time, smoking causes 2.8 million extra sick days per year.

Since 2009, shinhypnosis has been offering companies smoking cessation programs and we have helped over 200 smokers quit smoking completely.

Quit smoking course per employee
Minimum 4 participants per class – Price excl. VAT
DKK 1.100


The course takes place at your company
The course lasts one week
Fewer sick days
Employees will experience a healthier everyday life, more energy and no withdrawal symptoms
The company gets a full tax deduction for the course
Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be a struggle. When you’ve decided that you want to quit smoking completely, you’ve reached the stage where one of two things happens: You say to yourself, “I’m done smoking and I’ll never smoke again” or “I’m done smoking but I need help to become completely smoke-free”.

*Our quit smoking program will help you erase the “automatic” desire to crave another cigarette. With our quit smoking program, you will find that you will even be a happy non-smoker.

You won’t miss, feel pain or feel like you’ve sacrificed anything in your life when you quit smoking and become smoke-free. Instead, you will experience a huge sense of relief and joy that you have finally achieved what all smokers want to achieve: you have become happy and a permanent non-smoker. When smokers try to quit using methods other than hypnosis, many experience sadness and depression. This is caused by the feeling of losing the pleasure of smoking. *The beauty of hypnosis and the method we use is that hypnosis is very special as we remove the urge and craving to smoke. You will not need worthless drugs and expensive substitutes when the treatment is over.


We spend 1½ hours at your company with your employees to quit smoking, and the following week there is a one-hour follow-up. *Typically, employees will already be smoke-free after our first meeting.

The price is DKK 1,100 per employee participating in the smoking cessation course.
Minimum 4 participants per class.
All prices are excl. VAT.


Smoking cessation courses, therapy, counseling and pharmacological aids, such as nicotine preparations, can be received tax-free by the employee if:

the expense is incurred as part of the employer’s general personnel policy for all company employees (the offer can be limited according to general criteria of seniority and number of working hours – however, attention is drawn to the principle of non-discrimination of part-time employees in the part-time law).

A doctor’s referral/declaration is not required. The tax exemption for the employer’s benefits to cover medical expenses in connection with smoking cessation is unlimited in time.

*We emphasize that hypnosis and treatments do not guarantee smoking cessation and that results may vary from person to person.

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